Cement (Bag)

Cement is a core product for construction of buildings and infrastructures.

As a key player in the industry, YTL Cement strives to produce innovative cement for different construction purposes. Under the banner of YTL Cement and Kedah Cement (formerly known as Lafarge Cement), we have various cement formulated to meet the needs of Malaysian’s construction industry.


Phoenix, a blended cement for general purpose usage, can be used for bricklaying and plastering applications.


Walcrete is a specially-formulated plastering cement that enables strong and durable adhesive on walls. It is highly recommended for interior and exterior plastering.


Harimau is a high-performing cement specially formulated from limestone to meet your pre-cast business needs. It is the ideal choice of cement for the manufacturing of various precast products such as cement bricks, blocks and concrete products.


Rumah, a general-purpose cement with early setting properties, is easy-to-use and can be used without additives.

Top Standard

Top Standard, Malaysia’s first certified green cement, is a multi-purpose cement most widely used in the industry. It is easy to use and perfect for building walls.


Castle is a versatile product, composed of blended cement for general purpose usage and can be used for bricklaying and plastering applications.


Designed for plastering works, Wallcem is a bag cement product that provides easier workability and stronger adhesive on walls.

Orang Kuat

Designed as a CEM 1 high strength cement Portland cement which is formulated for early demoulding, handling and use. It is ideal for high strength concrete applications where time is of the essence.


A general purpose cement that is formulated to achieve the excellent workability, better water retention and longer open time required for mortar and concreting works.


RoadCem is a specialised cementitious road binder designed to meet a wide range of needs for road stabilisation and road recycling projects.